Hi Raúl, yes it’s me

It’s kind of awkward when you talk to yourself but, according to some experts in the matter, it’s a good thing. Even though people might think you’re sort of crazy, I must confess I do it multiple times on a daily basis to, somehow, confirm that my thoughts make sense in “the real world” and not only in “my internal world”… thoughts in my internal world make a lot of sense most of the time, but as soon as I project them to the real one, oh man!, they don’t sound that cool! Talking to yourself is a way of projection to the outside world without bothering people too much 🙂 but sometimes those conversations are memorable, full of insights that could be of value to some other people in a similar situation.

Talking to your future self or, from a different perspective, hearing from your past self, is even weirder. I’ve been always fascinated by the Back to the Future saga, and delighted about the idea of seeing yourself over time going back and forth to your past and future. As a “life evaluation” exercise, I step back from my hectic life from time to time and think about what I’ve done in the past, what I’m currently doing and what I want to do next… this allows me to realize what I’m doing wrong, identify how to improve it/sort it out, and try to put myself back on tracks again.

You might be probably asking yourself, what the hell is Raúl talking about? I didn’t know this guy had so deep feelings, is he about to die or something? Well, I’m not going to die in the short term, at least it’s not in my plans 🙂 but certainly, as you get older, you are evolving and having some experiences that you would love to get back to some years later. And I’m talking about technical experiences, because this is what this blog will be all about.

How many times have you written down some notes as part of your work duties? If you work in IT, I can image you have tons and tons of notebooks, documents, computer files, etc with notes or guides you expect to reuse in the future to save some time. My problem is, those notes are good but they lack context and omit some details that make it difficult to reproduce.

How many times have you heard “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Probably “thousand” times 🙂 But I firmly believe a good video is worth a thousand pictures which, by bringing Aristotle to the table, would mean a good video is worth a million words. So, I’m planning to stop writing down notes to survive those thoughts over time, and make causal videos to remind myself in the future of what I did in the past.

Exciting times ahead! I’m going to talk to my future self or, in a different way, my future self is going to hear from my past self; it sounds crazy, doesn’t it? So, what you can expect from the upcoming posts are topics and videos about things I’m working on and want to remember over time… should you be into those topics, feel free to join my self-conversations 🙂

Well my self-friend, we’ll meet in the future again… take care and don’t worry, I’ll take care of ourselves in the meantime.





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