Installing Raspbian from scratch

Hi Raúl of the future,

Here I am one more time to support you and alleviate the weak memory you have 🙂 this time I’m bringing you this short video of how you installed Raspbian in your Raspberry Pi 3 Model B to accommodate eGeoffrey at home.

The process is as easy as the following steps outline:

  1. Download the latest Raspbian image from the web site. I’m going to use the Lite version, which is a minimal image more than enough for “eGeoffrey to live in”. At the time of writing (September 2019), I’m using Raspbian Buster Lite.
    Buster Lite
    Raspbian Buster Lite image

    [Jan 16th,2021] Raspbian has been renamed to Raspberry Pi OS; link to download the image has been updated.

  2. Installing the image in the SD card by following the “Installing operating system images on Linux” guide available at the Raspberry official website. For this step, I used a USB microSD reader like the one in these pictures:

    Extracting the SD card
  3. Headless setup to avoid plugging any keyboard nor mouse. This can be accomplished by the “Setting up a Raspberry Pi headless” guide from the official Raspberry Pi’s website. The following are the contents of the wpa_supplicant.conf file I use in the video but with my current WiFi setup:
    ssid="<Name of your WiFi>"
    psk="<Password for your WiFi>"

    By finishing this guide, egeoffrey’s accommodation will have WiFi connectivity and a secure access (SSH).

  4. Access egeoffrey’s accommodation and change the locker (default password to the pi user) to prevent others getting into it. The “SSH (Secure Shell)” guide from the official website tells you how to do it.

And that’s all my friend! last but not least, the video you were waiting for to see it all in action and refresh it quickly:

You’re welcome, man… see you the next time you need it!


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